Monday, March 20, 2006

It Was A Noble Experiment

Just short of its one year anniversary, I’m closing the book on Time Enough At Last: A Reading (b)Log. The posting has become extremely spotty, and there are many, many more reading and book blogs that can do this job much better than I can.

So, as of tonight, Time Enough At Last, along with the blog Papercuts, will be shuttered. However, I will be leaving the blog archives up, since I do think there are some decent book and zine reviews, and plenty of useful information (although some of the links may be dead by now).

And yes, perhaps it’s ironic or counterproductive or something to be shutting down two blogs only to start up a new blog, but it’s time for something new. The Syndicate Product Covert HQ will be under construction for a while, especially the link collection. This site will incorporate the occasional book or zine review, as well.

So, please feel free to wander about the (small) archives, and be sure to bookmark the Syndicate Product Covert HQ .

Thank you for your time.